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Welcome To OpenHouse Digital Marketing

OpenHouse Digital Marketing is a company that was purpose-built to help real estate agents navigate the difficulties of being a modern business.

Who Are We

OpenHouse Digital Marketing is a results-oriented marketing company for contractors, small businesses, and service providers who are looking to take their business to the next level. Check out a Cambridge podcast about us!

Our Mission

We believe in helping our small business partners harness their abilities to work with clients and show off their expertise by enabling them to get in front of active purchasers at precisely the right time.

What We Do

By providing SEO services in Cambridge with full-featured chat, we ensure that every possible client that we help is going to be successful.

Our History

Founded in 2015 as ATG Canada Limited and re-branded in 2017 to OpenHouse Digital Marketing, we set out to help every local small business make the most of their limited resources. Our goal is to help every Ontario small business become relevant online through adaptive local search techniques that we call long-tail keywords that allow us to get those partner businesses to the top of their respective neighborhoods and communities for their products and services.

Our 3 Step Process



Increase Qualified Traffic

Website Audit & Analysis

SEO Keyword Strategy & Development

Content Writing & Website Build

On Page Search Engine Optimization

Local Citations

Off Page Page Search Engine Optimization

Post-Launch Website Audit

SEO Monitoring & Reporting



Create More Leads

Optimized For Search Engines

IDX Integration

Brand/Brokerage Customization

Analytics & Reporting

Live Chat To SMS Functionality

Click-To-Call Functionality




Dominate Your Local Area

Money-Back Guarantee To Ensure Success

Dedicated Support Team

Why choose us?

The best way to learn more about OpenHouse Digital Marketing’s services is to request a quote. From there, one of our digital marketing experts will be in touch to set-up the initial consultation call.

Yes, if you choose to move forward with OpenHouse Digital Marketing’s services an order form agreement / contract is required. The contract formally outlines the services you will receive and the agreement with us.

Our Terms and Conditions can be accessed here

Our Privacy Policy is here

Invoices will be sent electronically via email.

Annual fees will be charged and invoiced as per the terms of the Order Form Agreement.

We offer three (3) payment choices:

Credit Card: Visa, Mastercard, and American Express


Wire transfer

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